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Bush Full of Shit on Iran

Bush: Iran transferring arms to militias in Iraq

Iran Focus

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London, Apr. 20 – United States President George W. Bush accused Iran on Thursday of transferring arms to outlawed militias inside neighbouring Iraq. He described the Islamic Republic as a “serious problem”.

“Iran is influential inside of Iraq. They are influential by providing advanced weaponry. They are influential by dealing with some militias
(#1), tend to be Shia militias, all aiming to create discomfort (#2), all aiming to … create enough discomfort for the United States, but in doing so, they're making it harder for this young democracy to emerge”, Bush told an audience in Tipp City, Ohio.

“Two of the biggest issues we face for the security of this country today and tomorrow is al-Qaeda (#3) and Iran. And yet their influence is being played out in Iraq”, he added.

Bush also touched on Tehran’s nuclear drive. “We believe they would like to have a nuclear weapon. Part of our diplomacy is to prevent them from doing so. If the United States were to leave a chaotic Iraq, not only would the vacuum of our failure there to help this young government enable extremists to move more freely and embolden them, but I also believe it would -- it could cause the Middle East to enter into a nuclear arms race” (#4).

“We have no beef with the Iranian people, which is really important for the people of Iran to understand (#5). We value the history of Iran. We respect the traditions of Iran. It's the Iranian government that is making the decisions that is causing you to be isolated. You're missing an opportunity to be a great nation because your government has made decisions that is causing the world to put economic sanctions on you and to isolate you (#6). I would hope the Iranian government would change their attitude”, he added.

(#1) Iran is a "serious problem", says GWB. Iran hasn't started a single war or invaded a single country in a thousand years, but the U.S has been involved non-stop in countless wars and covert operations to overthrow legitimate and popular democratically elected governments, to make no mention of the fact that the U.S.A remains the only nation on Earth insane enough to have ever used nuclear weapons.
And what "advanced weaponry" is Iran supplying? Where is the proof of this? Is he talking about these? Next he'll tell us Iraq had WMDs. And who's "dealing with some militias"? Maybe he's talking about the Iranian diplomats they kidnapped to cause shit.

(#2) Wait, who did he say is "aiming to create discomfort" in Iraq? I do believe there's 655 000 dead people that would say that's you, George.

(#3) Oh for fuck's sake, make up your mind, Dubya. Not long ago you said Capturing Bin Laden Is ‘Not A Top Priority Use of American Resources’. Flip flop flip flop.

(#4) Nuclear arms race? What the fuck is he talking about? India, China, Pakistan, Russia, and the Israeli Terror State are all already armed to the teeth with nukes. Even if Iran did start packin' heat, it'd be little more than a piss in the sea. Maybe they just a want a bit of insurance against being wiped out by Israel. According to this report, they've already tried it once but were turned back by US fighters over Iraq.

(#5) Oh, they understand alright. Just like you didn't have a beef with the 655 000 dead Iraqis I just mentioned (update: it's more than that now).

(#6) Decisions like their nuclear program? That's a bit hypocritical isn't it? Iran maintains that it's strictly for civilian purposes, which they've supported by allowing weapons inspectors full access to their facilities. Under international law, Iran's nuclear development program is perfectly legal. Unlike Israel, Iran is a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and as such, has thus far abided by it. Inspections have yielded no evidence that Iran's program is being developed to build nuclear weapons, and that being the case, by the treaty it's perfectly legal.

Article IV(1) of the NPT provides that

Nothing in this Treaty shall be interpreted as affecting the inalienable right of all the Parties to the Treaty to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes without discrimination and in conformity with Articles I and II of this Treaty.

You speak a lot o' Bushit, George.

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Addendum, Sept 30, 2009:

Obama Is Also Full Of Shit On Iran


Freedom said...

Sadaam's Iraq didn't have WMD,, right? They called that guy chemical ali for nothing!

Iran is a democratic country with just minor ballot stuffing.

Iranian government says Isreal needs to be wiped off the map
The rebirth of adolf hitler.

Iran is full of shit, maybe the people of Iran can kick the shit out.

Anonymous said...

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